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The Fruit Bowl I Eat (Nearly) Every Morning

I am a big believer in eating fruit for my first meal on an empty stomach, a digestion tip I learned from influencer Kenzie Burke. My breakfast can vary but it is always fruit. Sometimes I'll make my classic green smoothie. Typically, I start my mornings with this delicious and ultra-satisfying fruit bowl with coconut yogurt that is truly out of this world.

The not-so dirty deets:

-1 cup sliced organic strawberries

-handful of fresh organic raspberries

-handful of organic blueberries

-handful of organic blackberries

-1/2 cup of unsweetened coconut yogurt

-1 tbs cacao nibs

-1 tsp organic cinnamon

My favorite coconut yogurt is GTS Cocoyo Vanilla and Cacao flavors- I buy from Whole Foods for about $4 and each container has 2 servings each). You can click on the link to find a retailer near you.

For cacao nibs, I am currently using Kenzie Burke's brand, available here but Amazon has a lot of affordable options as well. This adds a nice chocolate flavor, antioxidants, minerals. and crunch to the bowl that is chef's kiss. Every ingredient in this bowl is intentional and adds energy and fuel to my body. Coconut yogurt is loaded with healthy fats and probiotics that benefit gut health and keeps me full longer. Berries are known to be the fruit highest in fiber and antioxidant profiles, and cacao nibs just make my heart and body sing with joy. I eat food that makes me feel good and sets a positive tone for the rest of my day.

If you try this out this bowl reach out to me on Instagram @brittanyjulian and let me know your thoughts!

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